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Itachi GIF Mobile Wallpaper

 Itachi GIF Mobile Wallpaper

Fans of Naruto must be aware that Itachi Uchiha is the most favorite character in this ninja-themed anime. He is Sasuke’s older brother. Besides bearing the name of Uchiha & his djutsu Sharingan abilities, he also belongs to one of the anime characters who always acts honestly. He always prioritizes Konoha Village’s and his brother’s needs in his actions. Unfortunately, it makes him exiled from his beloved village. If you belong to his fan, let’s see the following Itachi GIF mobile wallpaper!

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For you who like ninja-themed anime, no other character is loved more than Itachi. There are a few reasons why he has so many fans. Itachi always puts people’s interests first. Besides that, he also always thinks long before taking action. Even more, he willingly allows himself to be considered as a criminal & discarded by those who don’t understand the true condition. It is all only for peace.

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Itachi has the most fans for ninja-themed anime lovers. Heis a genius ninja. He is very strong. The third Hokage & Konoha’s elders chose him not only because he is an Uchiha but they also know that he is the only one who can do this difficult task. One more, Itachi loves his family and brother so much.

It is reasonable if Itachi has so many fans around the world. If you are looking for a GIF wallpaper of Itachi designed for mobile phones, let’s see and pick your desired one here!

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