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Goku Healing Chamber Wallpaper

 Goku Healing Chamber Wallpaper

After Son Goku is injured badly during the fight against Captain Ginyu, the he is placed in an older tank located inside Frieza’s ship because Vegeta destroyed the newer one. After Goku rejuvenates himself, he exits the tank and walks towards the battlefield where he fights against Frieza. After Namek planet exploded, the Frieza drifted through space. He is critically injured from the explosion & the fight against Goku. This story is very interesting. That’s why Dragon Ball lovers are interesting in Goku healing chamber wallpaper.

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Frieza is rescued by King Cold, his father. Then, Frieza recovered inside a Medical Machine before receiving cybernetic parts for compensating for the loss of his limbs during his battle with Son Goku. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, the new model of Medical Machine appears in Sorbet’s Spaceship. This is highly advanced and has very powerful regenerative fluid. It can regrow biomass completely, restoring Frieza’s sliced up body & returning him to life effectively.

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In his Super Saiyan form, Son Goku is able to heal & even resurrect other characters. One of the most notable examples is when he shares his energy with Frieza who faces death after getting split in 2 by his own Death Saucer. Then, Goku gives Frieza energy to escape planet Namek explosion. However, Frieza fires Goku’s own energy foolishly right back at him. Below, you will find a collection of wallpapers of Goku healing chamber.

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