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Best Gaming Mousepad List

 Best Gaming Mousepad List

 For most people, perhaps, the mousepad is a trivial item.  However, in reality, a mousepad for gaming activities can help you win!  Most gaming mousepads are coated with a surface that makes moving the mouse easy.  In addition, the existing materials also make the movement more precise.

 Not only equipped with quality materials, several series of gaming mousepads are also equipped with RGB lights, making them look cool.  So, what are the best gaming mousepads that you can choose on the market today?  Check out the recommendations below!

 Best Gaming Mousepad List

 1. SteelSeries QCK

 SteelSeries claims, QCK is the best seller in the world.  How not, the gaming peripheral company has sold 10 million QCK mousepads worldwide!

 The surface of the best SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad is made of fabric with woven threads which is claimed to be able to read mouse movements with precision.  So, you can point the mouse without difficulty, like when playing FPS games,

 The bottom or base of the SteelSeries QCK is made of rubber.  The goal is that the gaming mousepad can "stick" or not move or shift.

 SteelSeries QCK comes in various sizes from Small, Medium, Large, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.  In fact, SteelSeries has presented the QCK in a version equipped with RGB lights, the SteelSeries QCK Prism.

 2. Logitech G240

 The Logitech G240 has a fairly large size, which is 280 mm high x 340 mm wide x 1 mm thick.  Its weight is still relatively light, 90 grams.

 Logitech G240 uses fabrics that claim precision, especially for low DPI settings.  The fabric surface provides just the right amount of friction for low DPI maneuvers.

 The base itself is made of rubber that sticks tightly to the fabric.  That is, this gaming mousepad will firmly "stick" to the table.

 3. Cooler Master MP510

 Gaming mousepads do have many sizes.  However, most of them are very large.  It's only natural, considering that a gaming mousepad does have to accommodate mouse movements, which can sometimes be very broad.

 Well, if size is a problem, you can choose Cooler Master MP510.  Because this product is available in various sizes.  So, just choose according to your needs.

 If design is one of the considerations, Cooler Master MP510 is quite attractive with a logo that glows in the dark.

 Cooler Master MP510 uses a fabric called Cordura.  The material is said to be water and stain resistant.  You don't have to worry when the gaming mousepad is exposed to water!

 4. Razer Sphex v2

 Looking for a slim gaming mousepad?  Razer Sphex v2 is the answer.  The thickness is only 0.5 mm!  The Razer Sphex v2 is made of polycarbonate.  This material is optimized for laser or optical mouse use. If you have a large table, just choose the regular size Razer Sphex v2.  If it's small, you can choose the mini version of the Razer Sphex v2.

 5. Xiberia Gaming Arsenic RGB

 If you are looking for a gaming mousepad complete with RGB lights, you can choose this Xiberia Gaming Arsenic.  It has 14 lighting modes, including seven kinds of static lighting modes and three dynamic lighting modes.

 In addition, it is easy to use.  You just plug this device into a PC or laptop to turn on the RGB lights.

 This Xiberia Arsenic gaming mousepad has a smooth fiber surface with a fairly wide size.  The base itself is rubber based making it anti-slip.

 So, from these five recommendations for the best gaming mousepad, which one do you choose?

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