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Best Gaming Keyboard Recommendations

 Best Gaming Keyboard Recommendations

 Leading brands compete with each other to bring gaming keyboards that are claimed to have the best quality.  In order not to be mistaken or wrong in choosing, we will show you the recommendations for the best gaming keyboard brands that have been proven by many people regarding their quality.  Please choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes!

 1. Leopard G20

 A gaming keyboard with beautiful colorful RGB LED lights (backlight) to support the aesthetic value.  Comes in a choice of solid black colors that seem elegant when used for playing.  Standard layout so it is suitable for those of you who are still new to its use.

 This gaming keyboard design that gives a cool impression when used will make your gaming desk look more attractive.  The total weight of this keyboard is 2 kilograms.  The selling price is relatively cheap so it will not drain the contents of your pocket or wallet.

 2. Rexus Battlefire K9D

 The best gaming keyboard from the leading manufacturer, Rexus, by offering the economical side in terms of price.  Semi-mechanical type with 104 buttons which in three parts are equipped with LED lights with 3 bright colors, namely green, red, and blue.  LED lights that can be adjusted so that they do not give the impression of being hypnotizing or monotonous when used.

 Equipped with the Anti Ghost feature on the 19 important buttons to support the game without interruption.  Made of aluminum alloy material which makes it ideal for the needs of both novice and professional gamers.  Embedded with double injection keycaps technology so that it does not make the letters on the keyboard fade even though it is often used.  Comes in 2 color choices, namely black and silver which can be adjusted to your taste.

 3. Imperion Stinger KG-MM2

 Combining membrane technology and mechanics on separate buttons.  The keyboard body is made of high quality aluminum which ensures long durability.

 There are 26 main buttons equipped with anti-ghosting features for an impressive gaming experience.  Accompanied by 6 attractive backlight colors to add to the beauty of this gaming keyboard.  There is also a mesh cable with magnets and gold-plated connectors to provide a faster response quality.

 4. Thyrsus Sades

 The mechanical gaming keyboard is quite large which offers more satisfaction when playing various game genres.  There are 104 buttons, each of which has an RGB backlight and anti-ghosting feature.

 Sades Thyrsus uses a gold-plated USB 2.0 interface.  Claimed to be able to survive on the number of types reached 80 million times.  The switch with perfect feedback is light and easy to press so you don't need extra power when using it.

 5. E-Blue Mazer K752

 Made of sturdy aluminum metal with a cool rivet texture.  Coated with white ABS material at the bottom of the keyboard with additional illumination decorations from blue LED lights that radiate throughout the area of ​​each key.

 Using the concept of LED rainbow 8 illumination modes on each row that can be adjusted according to your wishes.  Armed with tough switches from the JWH brand to offer key durability on a gaming keyboard brand of 50 million clicks.

 Each key is equipped with an anti-ghosting feature so that no matter how many key combinations are used, the computer is able to respond well.  The number of keys reaches 94, each of which is made of sturdy ABS material, allowing this keyboard to last for a long time.

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