20 The Getaway RHCP Wallpaper

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 20 The Getaway RHCP Wallpaper

The 11th studio album of Red Hod Chili Peppers (RHCP), an American band, is called The Getaway. It was released through Warner Bross and produced by Danger Mouse. The Getaway is the second & final album with Josh Kinghoffer, the guitarist, before John Frusciante returned in 2019. This album made its debut at number one in 10 countries and reached number 2 in the band’s home country of the US along with Canada and the UK. If you are a fan of RHCP and love The Getaway album, you may be looking for The Getaway RHCP wallpaper for your mobile phone or desktop. You can really find it here.

Many changes come with this album. This RHCP’s 11th album makes progress to make the band more successful. Overall, the sound of The Getaway album is modern rock. However, there are a few surprises on it such as blues, rap-rock, and some techno. Besides that, the vibe of the album is often wistful.

The opening track, this album acts as a great indicator of the experimental sound of the album. It comes with a sleek sound as well as a strong drum presence by Chad Smith (drummer) acting as an impressive opener for the album.

One of the most memorable tracks on the Getaway album is ‘Darkness Necessities’. It offers a doomy quality clashing with the well-know, more upbeat sound of the band. It is a track that demonstrates the band trying to change their sound. With an R&B vibe & catchy lyrics, it keeps the song in the head of the listener. To show your interest in The Getaway album, just look at the following wallpapers!

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