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20 Funny Happy Birthday Song Collections

 20 Funny Happy Birthday Song Collections

When celebrating a birthday, singing a happy birthday song is a must. If you only know a few birthday songs, you will find more here. For your information, there are hundreds or even thousands of happy birthday songs available around the world. They can be romantic, exciting, motivational, and even funny. A funny happy birthday song is appropriate for a close friend. Singing it will make the birthday celebration merrier.

Happy birthday songs come with different music and lyrics. There are so many musicians who create happy birthday songs dedicated to special ones. If you want to sing a birthday song for a special person, maybe these can be recommended songs you can sing on his/her special day.

You may create your own happy birthday song or you can sing other people’s song. Happy birthday songs are written in different languages. So, make sure that you sing a birthday song that comes with a language you know. Usually, birthday songs are simple and easy to remember. So, everyone can sing it easily.

Some birthday songs are general. It means they can be sung for anyone. However, some others are only appropriate for certain people. So, you have to choose the suitable song whether it is for your dad, mom, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother, sister, friend, etc. You may sing that song alone or together with the people involved in the birthday celebration.

You no need to be confused to find a funny birthday song. You can choose and sing the following options.

  1. Minions Happy Birthday Song

  1. Happy Birthday Indian Style

  1. Happy Birthday to Baby Song with Birthday Cake and Many Color Toys & Nursery Rhymes for Babies & Kid

  1. Birthday Musical Chairs + More Nursery Rhymes &Kids Songs

  1. Happy Birthday Song for Children

  1. Monkeys Sing Happy Birthday to You

  1. Happy Birthday Song Party After Back to School

  1. Children Happy Birthday Song

  1. Night Before Birthday Song

  1. Happy Birthday Orchestra

  1. Happy Birthday Song by Dave and Ava

  1. Happy Birthday Song ft. Talking Tom & Angela

  1. Happy Birthday to You – Chipmunks

  1. Happy Birthday to You, Jojo!

  1. Frogs Sing Happy Birthday to You

  1. Disney Happy Birthday Sis!

  1. Bango Cat – Birthday Song (Trap Remix)

  1. Happy Birthday Diana!

  1. Emoji Happy Birthday to You

  1. Happy Birthday from the Swedish Chef

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