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20 Best Happy Birthday Songs for Adults

 20 Best Happy Birthday Songs for Adults

If you have ever celebrated your birthday or come to someone else’s birthday party, of course you have ever sung a happy birthday song. One of the most important things you cannot skip in a birthday celebration is to sing a happy birthday song. Maybe, you are only familiar with a few happy birthday songs. The fact is that there are many songs sung for birthdays. If we usually hear birthday songs for children, now we will talk about happy birthday songs for adults.

Happy birthday songs usually contain good hopes and wishes for someone special. Actually, you can find so many happy birthday songs created by popular musicians from different countries. Most happy birthday songs are created and appropriate for birthday celebrations. That is why many people use these songs in birthday celebrations or parties for family, friends, etc.

Singing a birthday song can be a good idea share wishes for someone in his/her birthday. It certainly makes the birthday celebration an unforgettable moment. Birthday songs may be created in different themes such as sadness, happiness, motivation, etc. If you want to know more happy birthday songs, you can find them here.

Some birthday songs are popular and easy to sing but some other are not popular. You can find many happy birthday songs in English but there are also many happy birthday songs in other languages. Happy birthday songs should be chosen and sung according to the one who is celebrating the birthday. For adults, the following happy birthday songs will be great.

  1. Birthday -Katy Perry Lyrics

  1. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Acoustic – David Lee

Happy Birthday" (acoustic) - David Lee - YouTube

  1. Funny Happy Birthday Poem for Adults

Funny Happy Birthday Poem For Adults - YouTube

  1. Birthday Wishing Video

16 November 2021 Birthday Wishing Video||Birthday Video||Birthday Song -  YouTube

  1. Harmonize – Happy Birthday

Harmonize - Happy Birthday ( Official Music Video) - YouTube

  1. A Special Birthday Blessing Song for a Special One

A Special Birthday Blessing Song - For a Special One - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday to You – Piano Instrumental with Lyrics

Happy Birthday to You - piano instrumental with lyrics - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday (Disco Dancing Version)

Happy Birthday (Disco Dancing Version) - YouTube

  1. Mix – Happy Birthday Song for Adult

Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

  1. Happy Birthday Swing

Happy Birthday Swing - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday My Love - Friz Love Chords - Chordify

  1. Happy Birthday Song Jazz Instrumental Waltz

Happy birthday song jazz instrumental waltz | birthday music for adults -  YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday Disco Version

Happy Birthday (Disco Version) - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday Rock Version

Happy Birthday (Rock Version) - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday Song Reggae Version

Happy Birthday song (REGGAE Version) best version of happy birthday reggae  remix - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday Fingerstyle by Mr. Lee

Happy Birthday (Fingerstyle) by Mr.Lee - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday Song Animation

Happy Birthday Song Animation (Today Is Your Birthday) | Chocolate Cake  Dark Magical 4K Blender 3D - YouTube

  1. Happy Birthday – A Capella

Happy birthday - A cappella - YouTube

  1. Happy Stinkin Birthday

Happy Stinkin Birthday (original funny happy birthday song) - YouTube

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